Possum Removal

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Your roof makes a dark, warm and sheltered place that make a wonderful home for possums. Usually, possums cause disturbances and make mess in your home. Many people think that possums can be caught and relocated away from the property. This is illegal under the Native Conservation Act in the ACT. It is illegal to trap possums without a permit or license from the ACT Government. This is because possums have a reduced survival rate when relocated to a new territory. This will result in death of possum within few days hence relocating them is not the best solution.

We get rid of possums in your home by locating and sealing any possible entry in the building. We remove possum in a very humane manner and let them find new homes for themselves.

Humane possum removal Canberra
After contacting ACTfast pest control, our team of experts will come and do an inspection in your house. Our technicians will try to locate every possible entry and exit points. Therefore, the technicians will determine the best and safest way to remove the possum. Our team will place a trap in the evening and return in the morning to remove the possum from the trap. Our technicians will remove and relocate the possum in accordance with the ACT Native Conservation Act. Moreover, our technicians will also inform you of the presence of other unwanted guests such as birds and rodents.

Affordable costs
We charge an affordable service fee compared to our competitors.

We are one the best licensed possum removal company in Canberra . Our technicians remove possums in a safe and humane manner, which is compliant to the laws of the ACT. Leaving your home possum and destructive free!