Termite Inspection & Treatment

Owning a residential or commercial property is a fulfilling experience for home and business owners, but like everything, you are bound to experience some challenges along the way. One of the most common challenge of property ownership is pests. Statistics have shown that 4 out of 5 dwellings will be infected by termites, at some stage. to avoid this, you can now have a personalised pest control service delivered to you upon request by ACTfast pest control Canberra.

Pre-Construction Inspection

We understand your home is your castle, and protecting it from invaders means having the best pest elimination service. We guarantee a fast but discreet pest control service that is delivered by highly qualified technicians who know how to handle infestations. Besides, we are highly organized and provide our clients with full reports of all treatments undertaken as well as advice regarding preventing pest entry, removal of harbourages in order to discourage and control further pest infestation.

Domestic Inspection

ACTfast Pest control Canberra offers both residential and commercial pest control and inspection service in Canberra and the surrounds. The services are tailored to suit the size of your home or business, and depending on the level of infestation we are in a position to offer a long-term solution. Infact, we also offer you an option to do Termite pre-construction Spray treatments to keep Termites at bay. As a bonus we can monitor your home for pests to give it further treatment and improvement if required.